Top 5 Things You Should Expect From A Great Staffing Agency

Whether you are brand new to the staffing industry or are a veteran user of staffing, you know that there are certain characteristics that set apart a great staffing agency from the just okay ones. Here are the Top 5 things a Decision Maker should look for when choosing a staffing company: 

  1. Reliable Communication: A great staffing agency will be there to answer your phone call when you call and answer your email within the same day if not within the same hour. You won’t have to chase or hunt them down!
  2. Customer Service: Not only will they answer the phone and respond to your email promptly, the response will be professional, polite, and helpful. The team will be working to give you a solution to your workforce problem. They will do everything they can to get the position filled, guaranteed!
  3. Timely Placements: Once you have placed an order with the staffing agency, the placement coordinators will do everything within their power to place qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner. They know how valuable your company’s time is worth!
  4. Quality Candidates: Just because they can get someone to you quickly, doesn't mean they should though in some circumstances. Only thoughtfully screened and vetted candidates will be placed. No point in doing a fast job if it isn't a quality placement job. 
  5. A Long-term Partnership:  A great staffing company will hold your hand and walk you through the staffing process: from the order being placed, recruiting, drug screens and background, to training of the employee once they are placed. Team members will reach out to you on a daily or weekly basis, to see what your needs are and what can be done to meet those needs. The Staffing Agency only succeeds if your company succeeds! Whether you use staffing every day for multiple positions or just need to fill a one-time direct-hire placement, a great staffing company will be there to help your company find the qualified employees you are looking for!
Posted by Jeff Bates at 9:50 AM
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