Tips for Transitioning to a New Job

While there are plenty of perks to staying with the same company for many years, career advice experts recognize that one of the fastest ways to advance in pay and prestige is to broaden your horizons with a new position at a new company.

Regardless of the pay bump or change in title, landing a new job can be stressful and cause feelings of anxiety and even guilt. After all, you’re leaving behind your coworkers, many of whom you’ve developed close relationships with, and you may feel like you’re abandoning projects that you’ve worked on for years.

You also may feel apprehension about starting the new job—especially if you don’t have close relationships with anyone at the company. Not only will you be working among a sea of unfamiliar faces at first, but you also will have to adjust to new processes and a new company culture that may feel completely foreign.

While almost everyone eventually settles in to a new job, the transition process can sometimes be painful. At TA Staffing, we recommend the following tips to shorten the process and make it easier on yourself, your former coworkers, and the people you’ll soon be working with:

  • Don’t “check-out” after submitting your notice at your current job. Slacking off and becoming lazy and apathetic is an all-too-common scenario among workers who have just submitted their notices and are running out the clock before they start their new jobs. While your tenure may be rapidly drawing to a close, suddenly shirking your responsibilities or doing half-baked work isn’t just unprofessional, but it also puts an undue burden on your coworkers to pick up the slack. Staying focused and doing your best work until your final day draws to a close will end that chapter of your life on a high note and will ensure that you don’t burn any bridges on your way out the door.
  • Start off on the right foot at your new job. Think of all the things you wish you knew, asked, or had done when you started at your last job. Now think of your new position as a brand-new opportunity to right those wrongs. Don’t be afraid to seek out veteran employees when you have a question about a process or a project, and set the tone early for the type of worker you strive to be. Your new job represents a blank slate for your career, and hitting the ground running by offering a helping hand when needed and immersing yourself in the company’s culture and activities is a great way to quickly earn the respect and friendship of your coworkers and managers.
  • Settle into a routine to make the adjustment process easier. The first few days, weeks, or even months at a new job can seem overwhelming. You may find yourself missing the comfort and familiarity of your old job, even if your new job represents a much better opportunity with a higher ceiling for your career. You can speed up the adjustment process by adopting a daily routine. Whether that’s working out before heading to the office in the morning, planning your coffee and lunch breaks at the same time every day, or scheduling after work get-togethers with your new coworkers, having a daily and weekly schedule can help you rapidly acclimatize to your new surroundings and begin to feel like your new company is “home.”

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Posted by Jeff Bates at 7:30 AM
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