Tips for Surviving a Talent Shortage

It’s every business owner’s and hiring manager’s worst nightmare: you have multiple positions to fill and can’t find any great—or even good—candidates for the jobs. This nightmare can be a reality for many companies, especially when the vacancies are for tech positions. As many tech-related jobs involve highly specialized skills, education, and experience, the hiring pool can be quite shallow or even non-existent in your area.

Thankfully, being shorthanded for a few weeks or months doesn’t mean your business will sink. There are a few great options for maintaining productivity, even while you’re searching high and low for the right candidates for the vacant positions.

At TA Staffing, we’ve seen many businesses thrive when facing talent shortages when they:

  • Invest in their other employees

The ideal candidate for a crucial tech-related position at your company may be right under your nose. Tech workers often invest significant time and resources in their professional success by obtaining new certifications and learning new skills—but you may never know what your junior-level employees are capable of until you ask. And, if a current employee is a near-perfect match for the vacant position, consider giving him or her the training necessary to thrive in that role.

  • Change job titles, descriptions, and roles

A job vacancy may seem like a detriment to your business, but it can be a blessing, as it gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate the position. You may find that the position is outdated, unnecessary, or even redundant given the roles of your other employees. You also may find that you can divide the responsibilities up among existing employees—but be careful not to overload them!

  • Look to freelancers and contract workers

If there are no good options in-house and a permanent hire is still weeks or even months away, you still have the option of finding talent online. Highly-skilled freelancers and contract workers are available at the click of a mouse on countless job boards and remote work databases. Just make sure that any temporary and remote employees have all the resources they need to get the job done while you’re searching for the perfect in-house candidate.

  • Consider candidates who are “teachable fits”

After searching, you may find nothing but dead-ends during the hiring process. At that point, it may be worthwhile to step back and reconsider your priorities for the position. As with promoting from within, you may have plenty of candidates who check off some or most of the requirements for the position, but not all. If that’s the case, investing in someone who is a teachable fit and that meshes well with your company culture can pay off in the long run.

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Posted by Jeff Bates at 9:31 AM
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