Common TA Staffing Questions

As leaders in the staffing industry, we have experience with a number of industries, in several states, with over 30 years under our belts. When we are introduced to new candidates or organization looking for help with managing staff, temporary hiring, contract work, or job placement, we get 5 common questions. Here, we answer these frequently asked questions as we're sure you may have these same question and the answers help illustrate our expertise.

  1. What is a temporary agency?

    • What's a temporary (or temp) agency? A temp agency is a staffing company that provides temporary and contract employees to businesses that have immediate and long term needs to address. A temp agency evaluates candidates and individuals needing job placement in relation to the opportunities with businesses needing employees to help the complete a job or project. Temp agencies and the temp positions they fill meet the needs of both the business and the individuals needing income; in many cases--where the business needs turn into long-term opportunities--temp hires become full-time hires.
  2. What is the/a recruiting process?

    • What's the recruiting process? The recruiting process varies depending on the type of position, industry, and needs. A standard recruitment process involves five main steps once the client has determined and defined the need:
      1. Posting of the position and searching for possible candidates.
      2. Evaluation (screening) of resumes to determine what candidates align with the position to schedule interviews.
      3. Interviews are conducted. Interviews offer a way to evaluate how candidates respond under pressure, reply to physical interaction, and handle stress.
      4. Second or third interviews may be conducted to provide deeper insight into candidates from a business perspective but once interviews are concluded, the candidate(s) that fit the job description and align best with the organization's culture is likely to be offered a hiring letter.
      5. Once the A-level candidate(s) accept, it's time for onboarding and becoming a part of the team!
  3. What does general labor mean?

    • General labor is defined as any type of work related to physical activity or manual labor. In employment fields, general labor relates to construction, painting, repair, and such. The difference between general labor and skilled labor is that general labor typically does not require higher education, certification, or extensive experience. Skilled labor is the opposite and refers to employees or laborers that have a degree, certification, or specific training to allow them to complete a “skilled” task or project.
  4. What is contract staffing?

    • When an employer or organization has a specific task that has a clear deliverable or outcome, they may offer a contract to get the project done. In a contract position, the scope of the project is clearly defined, with expected results and responsibilities of both parties, the employer and the contracted staff (contractor(s)), as completely written out as possible. Once the project is completed the employment may end unless both parties agree to new terms or full-time employment.
  5. What does TA Staffing stand for?

    • The “TA” in TA Staffing comes from “Temporary Alternatives” our corporate name, but in today’s world we like to think it means “Talent Acquisition”. Talent Acquisition focuses on the utilization of a candidate and their skillset for a position versus just “filling holes” or “filling seats” in an office. Through a rigorous recruiting process TA Staffing helps identify the ideal talent for the ideal positions. Resumes only give half the story of a candidate, a person.

To get the full scale of a candidate’s talents, a resume and interviews are needed. Samples of previous work and even test of know-how may be required. These requirements are what set skilled talent apart from a sea of applicants. TA Staffing has spent years refining our talent acquisition process and digital interviews to find the best of the best, for the best employers.

Follow these links to read more about our associate recruitment processes, search jobs, and discover more on our digital interviews for you or your organization. Contact us online or give us a call at 615.366.1100.

Posted by Jeff Bates at 10:59 AM
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