Summer Hiring Tips

Summer Hiring Tips

Summer can be a hectic season for many businesses and hiring managers. In addition to being vacation season, warm weather can also be an impetus for employees to change jobs, switch careers, or even decide to move to another city. It’s important to be prepared to fill those gaps and suddenly vacated roles—especially when a large percentage of your staff may have vacations planned during the June-September stretch.

However, it’s also important to be just as cautious and careful when you’re hiring during the summer as it is during any other time of year. Making sure you get the right person in the right role is more important than filling the role quickly, and patience always pays off when the perfect candidate is brought onboard.

TA Staffing suggests the following tips for any business owners or hiring managers who routinely hire in the summer or who need to suddenly fill some unexpected openings:

Post job openings on college job boards for entry-level positions.

Summer is prime job search time for recent and upcoming college graduates. Whether you’re offering an internship, a temporary position, a contract position, or a full-time position, it’s always worth reaching out to local universities and colleges to find qualified applicants and prospects. Be sure to post an up-to-date and accurate job description to get the most relevant results from local graduates, and avoid requirements that are simply unrealistic for most entry-level job seekers.

Be flexible when scheduling interviews.

No matter how thorough your interview and onboarding processes are, you’ll have better success attracting the right candidates if you’re flexible on dates and times—especially during the summer. Coordinating the right time for your top candidates to meet with their potential bosses and coworkers can be difficult when vacations, PTO, and big projects get in the way, but it’s worth it for people who have the right skills and personality to mesh with your team.

Get your company culture back on track during the summer.

If you feel that your company’s culture is lacking or not as enticing to highly skilled candidates as it used to be, use the summer months as a time to get it back on track. Reinforce perks like casual dress codes, department lunches and outdoor work areas, work from home and PTO options, and your office’s involvement in the community. Employees are more likely to be engaged in company culture during the summer, and that enthusiasm will rub-off on interviewees.


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