How to Optimize Talent Acquisition in 2018

Replacing outgoing personnel and recruiting new talent is always a challenge for business owners and hiring managers, especially as technology changes while hiring trends shift. Staying on top of the latest trends in talent acquisition is a must, especially if you’re in a crowded market and need every advantage you can get over your competitors.

Even if your ability to hire rockstars has been consistent and reliable in recent years, it’s vital to stay in the loop of some of the best hiring practices in recent years as well as emerging trends that will play big roles in 2018 and beyond.

At TA Staffing, we recommend that all business owners and hiring managers become well-versed in the following trends to optimize their hiring processes during the coming year:

  • Attend conferences – There are more than two dozen major talent acquisition and recruiting conferences planned throughout the U.S. in 2018. Attending conferences helps decision-makers in your organization quickly and efficiently pick up on major hiring trends and teach other hiring managers and human resources professionals after they return. Because many conferences involve hands-on learning and networking opportunities, attendees are able to more easily grasp hiring-related material and make connections with other industry figures who can help them locate top talent in the future.
  • Be mobile-friendly – More and more jobseekers are frustrated with the status quo of online applications and job boards. While traditional “gatekeeper” algorithms can cut down overwhelming stacks of digital resumes and applications, they can also let top talent slip through the cracks due to small resume oversights or application mistakes. In addition, they also virtually eliminate candidates who may apply via mobile devices, including smartphones. Mobile-friendly job-search software and job websites can help you zero in on the candidates you want while making sure you aren’t creating too much red tape from the get-go.
  • Sell the position, your company, and its culture – With job seekers more and more willing to uproot, commute long distances, or work remotely, top talent is in high demand across the board in all industries. In many ways, it has become an employee’s market, especially for ones who have highly specialized skills. Instead of posting “Help Wanted” ads and waiting for candidates to reach out, recruiters and hiring managers should become well-versed at promoting open positions both on social media and via word of mouth.
  • Don’t underestimate entry-level hiring – There’s a tendency to devalue entry-level positions and hires, but employees who break into an industry via your company can be extremely loyal, hardworking, and potential rockstars in the making. Be just as cautious, attentive, and thorough when filling entry-level positions as you are for executive positions, and you’ll find that you’ll be strongly rewarded in just a few short years when they become invaluable assets for your company. Easing up on minimum requirements for some entry-level positions, such as accepting applications and resumes from candidates straight out of school, can help broaden your search and make it easier to find the right fits.

When promoting from within isn't an option, digital/automated systems may provide plenty of candidates who check off some or most of the requirements for the position, but not all. If that’s the case, investing in someone who is a teachable fit and that meshes well with your company culture can pay off in the long run.

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Posted by Jeff Bates at 11:52 AM
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