Good Hiring Practices for Great Candidates

A business is only as successful as its employees. And when a business has a team of "rock stars" that work harmoniously and share the company's goals and vision, everyone wins. However, some businesses take shortcuts during the hiring process, or they fail to take advantage of all available resources and strategies for finding and hiring the best available employees.

To find a great candidate to add to your team, it's important that you give every step of the hiring process the attention and respect it deserves. Making quick, shortsighted hires can occasionally land you a great employee, but it often leads to lost productivity, poor team chemistry, and short tenures. And while there's no bulletproof method for landing only the best of the best when you have an available position, taking the right steps can help you improve your chances of a new hire strengthening your team rather than weakening it.

Don't Skip These Vital Steps in the Hiring Process

The needs of business owners and hiring managers can vary from day to day. But finding the right person for the job should always take top priority, and that means following the best hiring practices—even when the position needs to be filled immediately. These four steps are among the most important hiring practices that all businesses should consider every time they have an opening:

  1. Get feedback from employees before and after the job description is written.

    Accurate and honest job descriptions are essential for finding the right employees for your business. Unfortunately, job descriptions and postings are often written to serve as a checklist for skills and qualifications that may or may not be 100-percent relevant to the job. Getting feedback from employees in similar or related roles can help you craft a job description that gets to the heart of the position and reduces the risk of qualified candidates shying away from applying.
  2. Give equal consideration to candidates’ personalities as you give to their skills and experience.

    It's hard to overstate the importance of culture in successful businesses. When everything is running smoothly, culture may seem like an afterthought, but all it takes is one or two employees who arent the right fit for an established culture to throw everything off balance. Use the interview process to not only learn about what candidates can do on the job, but also how well they will mesh with your team.
  3. Maintain your social media presence and company review scores.

    It's easier than ever for candidates to find just about anything they want to know about your company online, whether it's how the office handles holidays and birthdays or how current and former employees feel about the salaries and benefits packages. Glassdoor reported that nearly half of all its members read company reviews before interviewing, and nearly 70 percent said they wouldn't accept a job at a company with bad online reputation. Keeping your social media profiles up to date and responding to negative reviews can go a long way towards making candidates more comfortable with accepting a position at your company.
  4. Consider outsourcing work while you search for the right candidate.

    It's easy for business owners and hiring managers to hit the panic button when they lose a valuable employee—especially when big deadlines are looming—but try to resist the temptation to rush the process of finding a replacement. Hiring someone too quickly and without taking the proper steps is a surefire way to end up with an employee who you otherwise would have never hired. Instead of sending an offer letter the same week that your MVP left the team, consult your professional network and utilize freelancers to handle the work until the new hire is in place.

Are you a business owner with a rock solid hiring method? We'd love to hear from you on how you do it in the comments. But, if not, we'd like to hear from you too. If you're considering outsourcing hiring or looking for staffing support, we'd love to show you how TA Staffing can help. Contact us at any of our three locations today.

Posted by Jeff Bates at 8:07 AM
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