Big Data to help inform Your Business

Big Data. It's a term making the rounds now that the "cloud" is commonly used in business discussions and strategies when it comes to technology helping businesses excel. The cloud refers to the storage of data and information in the internet "cloud" which lives on servers across the globe. Big Data refers to data sets that exceed 'normal' data sizes and used to help identify trends, patterns, associations, and other relevant insight as it relates to human behavior in unstructured data (e.g. social and email).

What does this have to do with your staffing needs and human capital management? This type of information and data can really help you identify ways to leverage your job postings, current employee information, and competitive advantages in a number of operational areas to optimize for efficiency while increasing profitability. 

At TA Staffing we use industry information and data to help us align with your specific needs while ensuring our hiring processes align with your compliance requirements based on industry. So Big Data helps us ensure our candidates are top of the list. For your organization, identifying data sets that may help provide insight into trends can help you determine gaps in the market which leads to opportunities for growth, expansion, and hiring more staff!

In their article, Job Postings as a Source of Big Data, Connotate explains that using their web scraping platform businesses can gather information on job postings by an organization to see if the organizations gathered in the data set are experiencing earnings increases (or decreases), fluctuations/struggles in hiring, expanding into new areas or products or leadership changes. These types of data extraction solutions are great ways of leveraging publically accessible data to increase the effectiveness of your business strategy and gain competitive intelligence.

If you're interested in learning how TA Staffing can help you fill in your open positions, plan for your future staffing needs or support you on that big project, don't hesitate to contact us or visit one of our locations.

Posted by Jeff Bates at 9:53 AM
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