What is a Digital Interview?

What’s a digital Interview?

In a nutshell, digital interviewing is a better way of interviewing. It saves time for both the hiring manager or talent acquistion specialist and the candidate. Not to mention additional resources that accompanies interviewing. There are a few, great platforms out there that help businesses with hiring, at TA Staffing our experience is with HireVue, the leader in the digital interview space. Digital Interviews allow prospective hires and candidates to interview whenever and wherever is convenient for them, from a PC, Mac, or smartphone! This same flexibility is available to the hiring personnel or group as well, giving them the opportunity to view, engage with, and evaluate candidates at their leisure--something vital in today’s digital businesses.

Digital Interview on Mobile DevicesIn TA Staffing’s customized use of the HireVue platform, interview questions pop up as text on the candidate’s screen. They are given a set amount of time predetermined by the interview administrator, say 30 seconds, to think about their response, followed by a set time to respond; we often recommend around 3-5 minutes to our clients. Responses can be multiple choice, essay, coding or video. The response type is set by the administrator. For example:do you have a background in sales?” The candidate would have the option to select a “yes” or “no” checkbox, but with a question like, “tell me about your sales experience” the candidate would be asked to actually record their response. Most questions allow candidates to re-record responses.

Once the candidate completes the interview, usually five to ten questions, the system automatically sends an email to any evaluator or evaluators associated with the interview. The email indicates that someone has completed the interview and that it is ready to be evaluated. Those with access to the interview can then watch, share, rate, and compare candidates (if others have been completed) anywhere, and at any time!

Increasingly, digital interviews are used as a digital screening layer for businesses, replacing the phone screening, premature in person interviews, resume scanning, and scheduling hassles that have plagued organizations the world over. At the end of the day, they eliminate the bad first round interview, provides a larger recruiting net, and allow candidates who are not available during normal business hours to showcase their skills and show whether they are a true fit.

Administrative View of the Digital Interview

To learn more, see examples, and talk with us about our digital interviews for your organization, contact us online or give us a call at 615.366.1100. If you are looking for that next, right position, please view our job board.

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