Amazon headquarter coming to Nashville?

Nashville is looking to make a bid for the new Amazon headquarters potentially bringing 50,000 jobs to town.

As mentioned in our post about IKEA, Nashville is experiencing rapid growth and looking to ensure a strong job market., Inc., commonly known as Amazon, was founded in Seattle, Washington on 1994 by Jeff Bezos and offers web based commerce and cloud computing. 

The request for proposal (RFP) sent out by Amazon recently contains details of what the global organization is looking for in terms of the ideal location for the newest headquarters:

  • Must be a metro area
  • Population greater than one million
  • Stable and business-friendly environment
  • Location that attracts and maintains a strong technical talent

The RFP shows that Amazon is interested in a number of several parameters that Nashville aligns with. According to The Tennessean, Mayor of Nashville, Megan Berry, has set the Nashville economic development team to work with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the state to review prime areas within Davidson County that align with the Amazaon RFP. 

“I’m confident that our socially progressive, pro-business climate, talented workforce, and overall great quality of life offers the type of environment that they are looking for in the city they’ll choose,” she said.

Amazon operates with in the state currently, and winning placement of Amazon's second headquarters would help to solidify Nashville as a large, important player in the world of IT and technology.

Posted by Jeff Bates at 3:37 PM
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