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You may have heard about or seen something new in the search results when you've done a search for jobs or careers in Google. Those with their ear to the ground knew that a few months ago Google tested an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

As of this month, Google has officially launched Google Hire.

Business Eligibility for Google Hire

In order for a business to use Google Hire, an organization must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Fewer than 1,000 employees
  2. Must be a G-Suite customer
  3. Only available to US-based businesses

If your business meets these prerequisites, you can reach out to Google Hire to add the platform to your existing G-Suite package.

What is Google Hire?

Google acquired Bebop, a startup focused on productivity and enterprise tools, in 2015, that is the backbone, according to C.SEO. This new function is now enabled and allows job seekers to find available simple job listings in the search results. Google Hire contains some interesting features to include:

  1. Customizable Process Staging - build out unique hiring processes for every job requisition, adding stages like coding challenges and candidate presentations when pertinent.
  2. Google-Optimized Career Site - Many job seekers start their job hunt on Google so the career site is designe for smaller businesses looking to organically feature their job listing on Google Search. 
  3. Candidate Profiling and Collaboration - Google Hire offers several ways to flesh out candidate profiles through: import existing data, such as LinkedIn, collaboration -- ability to have conversations on each candidate’s profile, and grouping/sorting. 
  4. Interview Scheduling - As Google Hire is fully incorporated into the G-Suite, allocating time for interviews within Google Calendar is simple and efficient, there's even a video. Of course, both you and your candidates will need to use Google Calendars to fully leverage this functionality.

One big drawback is that job candidate evaluation results only rank candidates by experience. As Google puts it:

"Experts appear at the top because results rank each candidate's experience for each skill."

As Hire Vue points out, "That's an interesting way of framing what looks like a pretty big limitation. The best candidates aren't always those with the most experience, and an inability to rank candidates by any other attribute kind of defeats the purpose of Candidate Discovery."

This post is care of our friends at Hire Vue. View the full post on their website. Like TA Staffing, Hire Vue helps businesses by supporting them concerning staffing, HR, and other internal needs while also helping applicants connect with businesses seeking their unique talents, know-how, and experience. 

To learn more and talk with us about our digital interviews for your organization, contact us online or give us a call at 615.366.1100. If you need help as a candidate or you're just looking for that next, right position, please view our job board.

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