4 Tips for Successfully Working Remotely

For many employees who are frustrated by long commutes, daily bumper-to-bumper traffic, and frequent distractions in the office, remote work may seem like the answer to some of the biggest annoyances and complaints that they have concerning their professional lives. Many companies are also catching on to the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely. In addition to reducing the need for dedicated office space, it can boost employee morale due to its inherent flexibility.

Despite its growing popularity, remote work remains a controversial policy at some businesses. In 2013, Yahoo! reversed its work-from-home policy by requiring all of its 12,000 employees to work on-site at one of the company’s many offices. Critics of remote work say that it can lead to reduced productivity, poor communication, and shorter working hours for employees.

Whether your job involves occasional remote work or is exclusively a work-from-home position, it’s important to be aware of the potential pitfalls and the best way to succeed in such an independent professional position. At TA Staffing, we recommend that all remote workers do their best to follow these tips:Working from home can be good for employee and employer

  1. Establish a daily routine and stick to it. While the idea of waking up 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be “at work” and plopping down in front of your computer still clad in pajamas may sound like a dream at first, a lazy or non-existent morning routine can quickly sap your energy and motivation. Successful remote workers develop and stick to the same morning routines as office workers. That means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, showering and wearing office-appropriate clothing, and beginning your work days at 8 a.m. sharp (or earlier).
  2. Be proactive in your communication, not reactive. Many supervisors, managers, and business owners are wary of employees who work from home due to perceptions of lost productivity. A delayed response to an email or instant message can further confirm their fears. Initiating communication and providing updates regarding projects and milestones long before they’re brought up by other team members can go a long way towards building trust among your bosses.
  3. Find a work space that’s comfortable and free from distractions. Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working from home. Even if you have an ideal home office setup, you may find it difficult to stay on task and focused when other domestic tasks have your attention, including the dirty dishes in the sink or the growing pile of laundry. Many remote workers find solace in quiet coffee shops, libraries, or even rented co-working spaces.
  4. Arrange facetime with your coworkers and bosses as often as possible. Video conferencing in easier than ever in 2017, but it’s no replacement for in-person meetings. Arranging lunches or dropping by the office on a regular basis, especially for important meetings, makes it easier to be viewed as an indispensable part of the company and not just as a faceless cog in the wheel.

Succeeding in a remote work position is just one of many challenges that employees face in the modern workplace, and at TA Staffing, it’s our goal to help professionals find the right fit for their skillsets and strengths.

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Posted by Jeff Bates at 9:44 AM
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