4 Essential Skills Your Next IT Rockstar Must Have

If you’re in the market for an IT Rockstar, take a number. Businesses in a wide variety of industries and markets are looking for talented and experienced people to handle a number of IT-related tasks, including networking, web and software development, and consulting.

While it’s true that IT Rockstars are in a position to pick and choose their next employers, you can better position your company for landing top talent by knowing which skills are most important for a wide variety of positions. Being able to quickly and accurately identify current and future top performers can help your company get a leg up on the competition and decrease downtime or lost productivity due to open positions.

Based on our experience with a wide variety of IT professionals, companies, and relevant positions, we recommend looking for the following skills if you’re looking for a tech guru in 2018:

  1. Familiarity with artificial intelligence and its various applications

    Artificial intelligence is quietly changing the world. Once strictly in the realm of science-fiction, AI is rapidly taking over a variety of industries in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Having someone on staff who understands AI, industry trends, and major milestones can be a major benefit for your company—especially if he or she identifies ways it can improve productivity and reduce costs.
  2. Data science and analysis skills

    In addition to AI, the field of data science is also poised to grow significantly in the coming years. Currently understaffed and underutilized, bringing qualified data scientists or even IT professionals with just general competency in the area can be a massive boon for your company. Data scientists are adept at tasks like quantitative analysis—which is the process of analyzing the results produced by software and applications to create better solutions for everything from supply chains and service pricing to growth channels and internal processes.
  3. Knowledge of the latest cybersecurity trends and threats

    With more and more companies moving their data to the cloud, cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of the IT industry. In many cases, traditional cybersecurity platforms and measures are no longer effective against hackers and targeted attacks. And if your data is compromised, it’s essential to have someone on staff who can quickly regain control and access. Locking down your business’s network from potential threats may require creative approaches that “one size fits all” solutions simply can’t provide, making IT professionals with cybersecurity credentials and knowledge invaluable in 2018.
  4. Adaptability to new processes and software

    Believe it or not, many IT professionals are resistant to change, especially when it involves potential disruptions to their work flow and routines. Although their careers see them immersed in technology, it can be difficult for some IT workers to adapt to changes, as they may have invested thousands of hours in older versions of software and hardware. True IT Rockstars are always looking ahead to changes that can make their jobs and their companies faster and more efficient, and they’re not only happy to adapt to changing times, they’re the ones leading the way and setting the example for everyone else.

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Posted by Jeff Bates at 1:24 PM
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