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Preparing Yourself For "Sticky" Interview Questions

We've all been there, you're in an interview and the hiring manager ask you a question--you knew he or she would ask, but you're not sure what a 'good' answer is. Our friends at HireVue compiled 6 questions most interviewers ask that can be scary with advice from  Fast Company  on how to answer them. 1. Why don’t you tell me about yourself? Interviewers use this one to determine how an interviewee handles him or herself in an... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Video Interview Guide by HireVue

At TA Staffing, we know that digital (video) interviews are the future  and will replace traditional resumes. HireVue offers their thoughts and guidance on how to leverage video in your interviewing process if you are business and increases your appeal if you are a potential hire. There has been a growth in the adoption of on-demand, digital interviews--however, materials on how to prepare for a video interview are limited. Many interview guides are designed for... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Thursday, March 2, 2017
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What is a Digital Interview?

What’s a digital Interview ? In a nutshell, digital interviewing is a better way of interviewing. It saves time for both the hiring manager or talent acquistion specialist and the candidate. Not to mention additional resources that accompanies interviewing. There are a few, great platforms out there that help businesses with hiring, at TA Staffing our experience is with HireVue , the leader in the digital interview space . Digital Interviews allow prospective hires and candidates... Read More
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