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Tips for Transitioning to a New Job

While there are plenty of perks to staying with the same company for many years, career advice experts recognize that one of the fastest ways to advance in pay and prestige is to broaden your horizons with a new position at a new company. Regardless of the pay bump or change in title, landing a new job can be stressful and cause feelings of anxiety and even guilt . After all, you’re leaving behind your coworkers, many of whom you’ve developed close relationships with, and you... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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5 Professional Networking Goals for 2018

Whether your career involves daily face-to-face interactions with clients and customers or has you working in seclusion building databases and websites, it’s important to remember that everyone, regardless of their skill set or daily tasks, is ultimately in the “people business”—especially regarding career advancement. After all, it’s people who decide to hire and promote, and knowing the right people can often enhance your career faster and more significantly than... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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How to Choose Between Multiple Job Offers

Whether you’re between jobs or looking to take the next step in your career, getting multiple job offers may seem like an absolute blessing—especially if your job search has been fruitless up to this point. And while multiple job offers is always better than none, it’s common for prospective employees to feel “paralysis by analysis,” especially if two or more offers are equally promising. In some cases, workers may even lose out on the offers they worked so hard... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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Grand Opening of TA Staffing in Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you've been following us on Facebook, you've heard the chatter and seen the pictures. Well, we're making it official! TA Staffing is opening soon in Bowling Green, Kentucky! Located near the heart of TA Staffing's Bowling Green office is at 2710 Nashville Road, right off William H. Natcher Parkway, North, in the Kroger shopping center. With this new location, we are extending our dedication further and providing Kentucky with the same level of excellence we've... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Tuesday, August 8, 2017
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Social Media Screening: Majority of Hiring Managers Now Investigating Candidates’ Online Personas

Think employers only check LinkedIn and that your Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter are inconsequential when you’re applying for a job? Think again . The number of HR departments and recruiters using social media as well as Internet searches to screen candidates is at an all-time high, new research finds. A national survey conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder earlier this year addressed the impact of a worker’s online presence during hiring and employment. The... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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Nashville Gets It's Own IKEA -- What That Means To Us

If you've missed the news, IKEA is coming to Nashville (finally...). IKEA opened a $64 million, 271,000-square-foot store in Memphis this year, however, the ideal spot for the popular Swedish furniture company would be closer to Nashville; with Nashville's growing and affluent professional community as well as proximity to upscale housing areas. This location will not be in central Nashville; it will actually be in Antioch.  IKEA is finally coming to Nashville --... Read More
Posted by Jeff Bates at Thursday, May 25, 2017
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