Digital interviewing standardizes the screening and selection process, minimizes interviewing costs, and helps companies grow more competitive by attracting the best talent.

Candidates also experience the benefits of a more fair and consistent hiring process. It provides the individual the ability to share their stories and demonstrate their work – all on their own time, anywhere and anytime. In fact, more than 60% of interviews take place outside of the traditional 9-5. It not only makes it convenient for job seekers, it levels the playing field and helps hiring managers make smarter, data driven decisions to build high performing teams faster. Powered by HireVue

Customer Benefits

Today’s most talented candidates are busy and are in high demand, and if you want to attract them you must build a flexible hiring processes that enables you to effectively engage them quickly and effectively. Our process is simple, based on your needs we recruit candidates into the system and deliver only those to you that meet your needs and standards. Qualify or disqualify a candidate in the fraction of the time it takes with the traditional first round interviewing.

Candidate Benefits

On Demand Digital Interviews give job seekers the opportunity to quickly get in front of the hiring manager. Candidates do the interview when it’s convenient for them, anytime and anywhere. Questions pop up as text on their computer screen or smart phone, they have plenty of time to think about their response and then plenty of time to respond. If their not happy with a response they can re-record until they are. It’s simple, fast, and the next evolution in the hiring process.

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